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Hi, I'm new to this site, and I read these stories with a big appetite and want to say something of my own true story.................. Please excuse me if I was not as graphic as some have been here, but I hope the best I have much to tell. I first saw 10 years ago at a rave. Club and I thoughtWow ! Here is a girl after my own heart, 4porn the two were with partners at the time, and we all became good friends. My partner, Linda liked Sophie and now have a quad, but somehow, to my great disappointment that Sophie did not want friends and not spend too much, but I 've managed to create all the fetish club scene. I have several girlfriends since then, and Sophie is the number three friends and over the years, even if they live near us in touch and see Linda 's 4porn friends Sophie, without knowledge as ofteNo, I can. In recent years I have seen, have a little Sophie, while walking through the city en route to France and spent the night, so maybe see about 8 to 10 times per year, depending on the apology. On several occasions I had a few months of nightlife and took them to a fetish club couple, who wore a pink dress and tight rubber as soon as we arrived and we got our first drink we look over the congregation, and went some empty seats next to an attractive partner, by the way, Sophie has 38 French and 4porn impressive, and it was not long before some of them sit on your knee and I was a girl who wanted to talk to hit, so the I let go and my new friend to play. When I returned, Sophie was sitting with some guys arrived, one had his hand in her dress, had a great time. A man asked if he could join 4porn him in the locker room as if it had changed to another computer and I said yes, of course. I left for about 10 minutesthen ventured into the room, Clare with two guys to find one with his cock in 4porn her pussy and one in her mouth, she saw me come in and this seemed to make her mad when he took my penis grabbed me and started masturbating me. I loved seeing the dog really is, she loved me, are screwed. When we returned to our table all the club looked like 4porn a big orgy of perverted sex and Sophie was attracted to a girl, but was unsure of his next bi, but I perked up 4porn a little more up front and soon they were kissing and caressing one above the other, and then lifted the girl 's dress Sophie and started 4porn licking her pussy. I, like most men love to see two girls in action and not let them down. Took turns licking pussies others. Much more happens in the club, but we were invited back to this place and couples after a porn DVD and a drink in Sharon took his belt and told Sophie (the 4porn sub) to the knees and start lickingthe tail. Gary and Sharon starts friend (who is also bi and submissive ) Orders 4porn in my career of Sharon cock and gets on his knees and running his hands under my balls and grabbed the base of my cock pulls him to his face and licked the bottom of my helmet with my tongue I grab the back if the head and slowly began to catch his mouth. At the same time I see that Sophie was placed in a chair, ass in the air, while Sharon is the shit with a belt. For a guy known to Suck My Cock me that the point of no return then let me shoot all over his face to go, I noticed that Sophie looked me in the mirror and I 4porn know both guys really look together. (He used to give gay porn DVDs a few gay friends to see). But I wanted to get to Sharon, while she was fucking with a strap- Sophie, so I made my cock in her mouth and Gary went to Sharon and began to lick ass and pussy, she was so fucking wet andand was greeted with delicious juice, I started licking around the back hole, as she was slowly fucking Sophie knew so well and I was so damn heavy that does not scream until Sharon was pushing for me in the queue, fuck me, fuck me motherfucker, fuck while his girlfriend was crying.......... I called Gary ( who is watching and masturbating in the corner) to put a condom on my throbbing dick before he shoved his girlfriend pussy. It felt so good to fuck her and Sophie, and although it did not last long, that moved us all to keep in the room full of sucking and fucking all four of us in turn to fuck Sophie. I've seen several times since and Sophie party with her and my ex Linda in a long weekend in July, I would say. As I said I saw one on this side a couple of weeksNo one man would now very interested in meeting some Bi Couples Singles, so Sophie and I have some more of the same kind of fun
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